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Phillip Island Bicycle Users Group  (Inc)

The Phillip Island ‘Bicycle User Group’ (BUG) aims to look after the needs and welfare of local and visiting cyclists. The BUG is a non-competitive group affiliated with and supported by Bicycle Victoria.  http://www.bv.com.au

Community activities organized by the BUG include organized group rides, on and off the Island, cycle maintenance clinics, roadworthy checks, low cost repairs and lots of social bike related activities designed for all levels of riding skills as well as all age groups.

The BUG is constantly looking for new members (cyclists or otherwise) who would like to become involved in helping to grow the BUG or who might just like to ride around our beautiful Island with like minded people. More information can be yours by emailing rascott501@gmail.com


Our Mission

To help develop Phillip Island as a "Bicycle Friendly" zone by working toward improved cycling facilities on the Island and coordinating and conducting rides for all levels of cycling while promoting & encouraging cycling as a sport, exercise & social activity.

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Phillip Island Bicycle Users Group (Inc) Sponsors Include;


SARGEANTS BASS COAST, Property Conveyancing Specialists for all your conveyancing needs

When in the middle of the Island go to AMAZE'NTHINGS for great coffee, plenty of parking and member’s discounts

When near the bridge, go to the Panny's Chocolate Factory for great chocolate and coffee, members discounts are also available when you enjoy some wonderful meals and friendly service.

For all your Cycling needs in Wonthaggi, visit either  Crossover CycleS or WHEELHEAT in the heart of town

As well as the Members benefits listed in the Sponsor list  (above) members can also enjoy a variety of rides on and off the Island which are designed for all levels of riding ability and age groups. Membership is very affordable and most club rides are free.

Our regular club rides start at the Amaze'N'Things at 10am every Wednesday. Riders are welcome to join in. The riders average around 15-20km per hour and Wednesday rides are mostly 20 to 35 kilometres.

We have longer rides on alternate Sundays (see our Ride Calendar below).

Contact Us

click here   rascott501@gmail.com    to send us an email message. Type "Join" in the subject line and we will send you an application form and answer any questions you might have.

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Newsletters (includes ride calendar for the month

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Things to see and do while visiting

Welcome to Phillip Island where you can enjoy these attractions


Motor Cycle Grand Prix Track

Penguins, Koalas and other Tourist Attractions



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